Day 88 Get Vaccinated

For the past year, Covid-19 has played a big part in how we live our daily lives. It has caused many people to get sick with a big portion of them, unfortunately, passing away. We have seen businesses close temporarily, and open and close again, with some closing permanently. Families and friends have been distant,… Continue reading Day 88 Get Vaccinated


Day 11 Covid-19

World Health Organisation(WHO) first recognised Covid-19 in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. After this discovery, cases began to appear in different countries, first in Thailand, Japan and the Republic of Korea. Towards the end of January 2020 cases had developed in some European countries including Germany and the UK. It was then when WHO declared… Continue reading Day 11 Covid-19

Day 1 Happy New Year!

There are many views and feelings about the year just past. When we ask people about 2020, you will definitely hear comments like "it was the worst year" or "we don't talk about that", it was tragic. But for me, 2020 gave me the time I needed for myself. At the start of the year… Continue reading Day 1 Happy New Year!