Day 63 The Ethical Consumer

If we want to encourage change in the world, a good place to look at is where we are spending our money. Just like ourselves, companies can have a good or bad impact on the world. They can choose to be good for the environment, to support animal welfare and human rights. But they can… Continue reading Day 63 The Ethical Consumer


Day 41 Say No To Plastic Bag

According to Ocean Crusaders, people of Australia use 6.9 billion plastic bags a year, and if these were tided together they would go around the world 42.5 times. This is just Australia! Now think, how many times would it go around if you included the rest of the worlds plastic bag usage. Plastic bags are… Continue reading Day 41 Say No To Plastic Bag

Day 40 Conscious Eating

So many of us blindly source the products that are on our shopping lists. We go to the big supermarket and without consideration pick up the steak that came all the way from Poland, or the grapes that traveled from South Africa that are intensively wrapped in plastic or the eggs that came from caged… Continue reading Day 40 Conscious Eating