Day 85 Shop by Season

After researching the seasons for Day 80, I learnt about shopping by season, this means choosing fresh foods during the season in which they grow. Buying foods based on the season means that they are fresher, more nutritious and sourced more locally, as eating out of season means that they are shipped from places where… Continue reading Day 85 Shop by Season


Day 81 World Water Day

844 million people worldwide suffer from thirst or from contaminated water.We Water World Water Day is celebrated on the 22nd March every year, to enforce the importance of fresh water. Even though water is extremely important for us to live, it is often taken for granted. It is a big part of the human body… Continue reading Day 81 World Water Day

Day 69 Send An E-card

With all the paper we waste each year, we can build a 12 foot high wall of paper from New York to California!The World Counts Every year millions of trees are cut down for human use, being made into paper, cards, packaging, posters, books and more. Some of these products are incredible and particularly helpful… Continue reading Day 69 Send An E-card

Day 63 The Ethical Consumer

If we want to encourage change in the world, a good place to look at is where we are spending our money. Just like ourselves, companies can have a good or bad impact on the world. They can choose to be good for the environment, to support animal welfare and human rights. But they can… Continue reading Day 63 The Ethical Consumer

Day 54 Plant

Plants and flowers are a natural beauty of this world and it is important to surround ourselves with them. Keeping plants in our homes and surrounding ourselves with such beauty has many benefits to us. They clean the air we breath by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Not only that but caring for… Continue reading Day 54 Plant

Day 46 Junk Mail

When you get up and check if the postman has delivered anything nice, you root through the stack of papers and find brochures, vouchers for the local pizza shop and a random flyer for a blinds company. Sometimes you might actually find letters addressed to you, but that is 2 of 5 and then one… Continue reading Day 46 Junk Mail

Day 41 Say No To Plastic Bag

According to Ocean Crusaders, people of Australia use 6.9 billion plastic bags a year, and if these were tided together they would go around the world 42.5 times. This is just Australia! Now think, how many times would it go around if you included the rest of the worlds plastic bag usage. Plastic bags are… Continue reading Day 41 Say No To Plastic Bag

Day 25 Cleaner Car

Similar to yesterday but today is about our car. Cars in general are not particularly good for the planet. But some are better than others, so if we must use a car then at least consider this. 4x4s and SUVs are the most polluting cars to drive, emitting huge amounts of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide… Continue reading Day 25 Cleaner Car

Day 24 Greener Home

Linking back to Day 3 Slow Climate Change, it is important for us to look after the earth. One way that we can do that is to find a more greener way to live. Our homes. There are so many ways that we can make our homes greener and more earth friendly. Save EnergyAvoid leaving… Continue reading Day 24 Greener Home