Day 48 Random Act Of Kindness Day

In 2021, we encourage everyone to Explore the Good and Make Kindness the Norm.Random Acts of Kindness Foundation There are many perks to random acts of kindness for all the people involved, whether that be the giver, the reciever or a witness. Random acts of kindness can make someone feel good and even witnessing kindness… Continue reading Day 48 Random Act Of Kindness Day


Day 45 Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day occurs on the 14th February every year and is celebrated by showing love to the people in our lives. There are many stories of where Valentine's Day originated, however my favourite story is that it started with St Valentine. The Emperor decided that married men did not make very good soldiers and therefore… Continue reading Day 45 Valentine’s Day

Day 33 Tinnitus Awareness Week

Tinnitus is often described as ringing in the ear. But it can be different types of sound, including buzzing, humming, throbbing or music. Musical tinnitus is when the sounds seem to have a tune or may be a song and pulsatile tinnitus is synchronized with the heart beat. Tinnitus can be present constantly or on… Continue reading Day 33 Tinnitus Awareness Week

Day 29 Mental Care Packages

One in four adults experiences at least one diagnosable mental health problem in any given year.NHS England Mental describes mental health as "our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act.". Biological and Psychological factors, as well as our environment can cause issues with our mental health. Mental illnesses… Continue reading Day 29 Mental Care Packages

Day 23 Translation

When we speak to people on the street or even when visiting another country we often just assume that they will speak English, whether fluent or just basic. This is somewhat rude as there are over 7,000 languages in the world. Even though, English is the most popular language spoken, whether native spoken or not,… Continue reading Day 23 Translation

Day 19 Check In On A Friend

One day you meet someone and the next day you can't imagine life without them. We all love our friends, they are the family that we choose. But best friends are also sisters or brothers, therapists, hairdressers, fashion advisers and more. They love us, understand us, make us laugh, hold us, cry with us, listen… Continue reading Day 19 Check In On A Friend

Day 18 Martin Luther King Day

This day honours the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr which is the 15th January but is celebrated on the third Monday of January. Martin Luther King Day (MLK Day) is a holiday in the United States of America to remember everything that he achieved for the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King, Jr born… Continue reading Day 18 Martin Luther King Day

Day 16 Learn Basic Sign Language

Around 466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss.World Health Organisation Hearing loss causes difficulty hearing sounds including speech and music. It can range from mild to profound and can affect just one ear or both. People who are deaf usually have profound hearing loss. There are many causes including genetic factors, infection, exposure to… Continue reading Day 16 Learn Basic Sign Language

Day 10 Understand Religion

Religion is learnt through our family, our education, and our church. Often we grow up following a specific religion due to the encouragement of our parents. We then go to a school which has the same values, we attend the services and practice the behaviours of this same religion. There are many religions around the… Continue reading Day 10 Understand Religion

Day 2 Time To Make Amends

Let's be honest with each other. There have been situations in our lives where we have hurt someone or we have been hurt because of another. We are human after all, we do make mistakes and that is okay. But then we let it get the better of us, causing arguments, which have ended in… Continue reading Day 2 Time To Make Amends