Day 83 Upcycle Or Restore

Upcycling is taking something that’s considered waste and repurposing it. The upcycled item often becomes more functional or beautiful than what it previously was.Upcycle That Over time, with regular use our furniture and other items can become worn, tired, damaged and fade in colour. It is easy to simply discard the old one and buy… Continue reading Day 83 Upcycle Or Restore


Day 80 Study The Seasons

Throughout the year we experience a variety of changes in weather, temperature and lightness, we know this as seasons. How seasons occur is an incredible phenomenon and we should make the effort to understand this. When we are at school we are taught the basics of seasons and changes in weather, but as we grow… Continue reading Day 80 Study The Seasons

Day 76 Gardening

Taking up gardening can have many perks. It gives us a reason to be active, helping us burn calories and to stay healthy. Gardening can be very therapeutic, known for improving our mood and reducing stress. On bad days, it can even be a free anger therapy session. Sowing seeds and looking after them, so… Continue reading Day 76 Gardening

Day 63 The Ethical Consumer

If we want to encourage change in the world, a good place to look at is where we are spending our money. Just like ourselves, companies can have a good or bad impact on the world. They can choose to be good for the environment, to support animal welfare and human rights. But they can… Continue reading Day 63 The Ethical Consumer

Day 58 Pick Up Rubbish

Have you ever just been walking down the street, or siting in a drive thru and seen someone just toss their rubbish on the floor. One of my pet hates, is people who have no regard and just dump their rubbish anywhere rather than just waiting until they find a bin. I remember when I… Continue reading Day 58 Pick Up Rubbish

Day 47 Recycled Books

There are many ways to purchase books, via amazon, ebay, high street shops and more. However, the more planet friendly books to purchase are pre-loved books. Buying second-hand books has many benefits, it saves trees, it's cheaper as they are offered at a reduced price or it can help a charity if you buy from… Continue reading Day 47 Recycled Books

Day 46 Junk Mail

When you get up and check if the postman has delivered anything nice, you root through the stack of papers and find brochures, vouchers for the local pizza shop and a random flyer for a blinds company. Sometimes you might actually find letters addressed to you, but that is 2 of 5 and then one… Continue reading Day 46 Junk Mail

Day 41 Say No To Plastic Bag

According to Ocean Crusaders, people of Australia use 6.9 billion plastic bags a year, and if these were tided together they would go around the world 42.5 times. This is just Australia! Now think, how many times would it go around if you included the rest of the worlds plastic bag usage. Plastic bags are… Continue reading Day 41 Say No To Plastic Bag

Day 24 Greener Home

Linking back to Day 3 Slow Climate Change, it is important for us to look after the earth. One way that we can do that is to find a more greener way to live. Our homes. There are so many ways that we can make our homes greener and more earth friendly. Save EnergyAvoid leaving… Continue reading Day 24 Greener Home

Day 5 Drink Local

We are all partial to a glass of wine at dinner or the occasional pint in the local with friends. But often the coffee we drink before the morning meeting or the beer we guzzle at the end of a stressful day has traveled across the country or even from another country before it gets… Continue reading Day 5 Drink Local