Day 45 Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day occurs on the 14th February every year and is celebrated by showing love to the people in our lives. There are many stories of where Valentine's Day originated, however my favourite story is that it started with St Valentine. The Emperor decided that married men did not make very good soldiers and therefore… Continue reading Day 45 Valentine’s Day


Day 18 Martin Luther King Day

This day honours the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr which is the 15th January but is celebrated on the third Monday of January. Martin Luther King Day (MLK Day) is a holiday in the United States of America to remember everything that he achieved for the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King, Jr born… Continue reading Day 18 Martin Luther King Day

Day 9 Money Talks

Money.. a lot of us use money everyday. Whether it be in cash or card form, it is all around us. We use it to do most things. To get a taxi, to tip the barista for the morning coffee, to buy them gorgeous shoes you were dreaming about, or that naughty take away after… Continue reading Day 9 Money Talks