Day 94 Learn About Endangered Animals

More than 37,400 species are threatened with extinction.

IUCN Red List

Extinction is a natural process, however animals are becoming extinct much quicker than the natural rate; with many endangered and some even at a critical stage of endangerment, meaning they are extremely close to extinction. National Museum of Natural History states that “scientists agree that today’s extinction rate is hundreds, or even thousands, of times higher than the natural baseline rate.”. But why are so many animals endangered or becoming extinct so quickly? Humans. Because of poaching/hunting, changes in environment, deforestation, pollution… and the list goes on.

We must do something to slow down this rate. Below is a list of a few easy things we can all do to avoid more animals becoming endangered or extinct:

  • Learn about endangered animals, the more we are aware the more we will try to avoid it happening.
  • Reduce water usage.
  • Avoid palm oil.
  • Drive slower to avoid hitting animals trying to cross the road.
  • Get a bird bath and be sure to clean it.
  • Volunteer at a wildlife center.
  • Avoid using pesticides.
  • Grow wild flowers.
  • Buy recycled products.
  • Don’t purchase products made from animals.
  • Adopt an endangered animal.

We must make changes now, to stop vulnerable species becoming extinct way before their time!

Have a nice day!



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