Day 93 Become A Responsible Netizen

A netizen is a ‘citizen of the net’, basically anyone that uses the internet. Many people nowadays have access to the internet and it is becoming more and more powerful as it develops. It gives us access to information and knowledge, encourages communication between friends and families, allows us to shop from home, and so much more. Additionally, social media sites have become increasingly more popular, with people desiring more follows and likes from others. Although, with the internet has come cyber-bullying, virus spreading, spam messages, violence, identity theft, etc.

We must opt for a more responsible approach to the internet, to ensure that it is a safe and friendly place for people to seek what they desire from using it, without danger. Therefore, we must be a responsible netizen!

Being a responsible netizen means that you:

  • Respect other netizens.
  • Avoid using offensive language.
  • Are aware of what you are posting.
  • Keep private things, private.
  • Don’t pretend to be someone else.
  • Protect other people’s work or give credit if reposting.
  • Share only the truth.
  • Don’t spread viruses.
  • Report offensive behaviours.
  • Share knowledge.

So, before you use the internet, be sure that you are following these suggestions. But most of all, be kind, if you are kind then you are most likely following the path of a responsible netizen!

Have a nice day!



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