Day 91 April Fools

On the 1st April every year, people play jokes on each other in celebration of April Fools Day or All Fools’ Day. It started to become popular in England in 1700’s but has been recognised over many centuries by different cultures. People play friendly pranks on each other on this day to encourage laughter. Different people like to get involved from individuals to big companies and media.

There is no clear origin of April Fools Day, however there are many historical events that it has been linked to. A popular suggestion, is that April Fools Day originated in 1582. France switched the calendar, which meant that the New Year was to be celebrated in January instead of around 1st April. Unfortunately, back then news traveled much slower than nowadays and therefore resulted in some not getting the news and continued to celebrate the New Year around 1st April. Which had them labelled ‘fools’, April fools.

On April Fools Day, pranks range from small jokes to huge, everyone involved pranks. They can be as little as swapping the sugar to salt, shaking up a fizzy drink, or putting a whoopee cushion on someones chair to big pranks similar to those played by big companies such as BBC who reported that spaghetti grows on trees in 1957. It has also been know that April Fools pranks can take a bad turn or be offensive so be sure there is no evil behind your tricks. Take full advantage this day and play some jokes on people you know to to encourage a laughing fest!

Have a nice day!



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