Day 88 Get Vaccinated

For the past year, Covid-19 has played a big part in how we live our daily lives. It has caused many people to get sick with a big portion of them, unfortunately, passing away. We have seen businesses close temporarily, and open and close again, with some closing permanently. Families and friends have been distant, sometimes not seeing each other for months. The majority of people working from home, some unable to work at all. And most people house bound for a good part of the year. Holidays and travel limited, and even banned. But with many satisfactory vaccines becoming available, there is hope that someday our lives will go back to normal, the way they were before this virus began to take over.

It is crucial that we get the vaccine when we it is offered to us, to protect ourselves and to protect others. Currently it is being given in 2 doses to provide long lasting protection, once you have received the first one, the second is given 3 to 12 weeks later. Like other vaccines, there are some side effects, these include a sore arm where the needle was given, an achy body, headaches, tiredness and sickness. For more information you can check NHS or WHO.

I received my first vaccine a few days ago, I was very nervous but there was no need to be. Everything worked like clockwork and I was in and out within 3 minutes. I was asked what arm I preferred, it was recommended to get it in your non-dominant arm, if you write with your right hand, get it in your left arm. The first evening I got an ache in my arm which slowly come over my whole body, then being joined with shivers. The second day I was already feeling much better compared to the night before however still had a dull ache. By the third day I was fine, with just a small ache in my arm when I raised it. These few side effects were worth it, knowing that I will be protected from Covid and that in getting it I am also protecting others. Be sure to get vaccinated!

Have a nice day!



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