Day 86 Experience A Different Culture

According to World Meters World Population Clock there are about 7.9 Billion people on the world. All of these people are part of a culture, which may be the same as yours or mine, they might have similarities or they may be completely different. Cultures can vary across countries, cities, villages and even within groups of friends. We should keep an open mind about cultures, embracing them, learning about them, understanding them without judgement and even better, experiencing them.

Learning and experiencing different cultures helps open our minds and encourages us to respect others. It can also open doors to many amazing experiences.

Why not try:

  • A traditional dish.
  • Learning some basic words of a language you don’t know.
  • Listening to music of a different culture.
  • Reading a book based in a different country.
  • Watching a movie or TV series in a language you don’t speak.
  • Taking a class to learn a new skill based on another culture.

I love seeing and experiencing the things that people do in different countries and of different cultures. Although, I do get nervous about trying foods of a different culture, but more so because I know what I like and I’m not the best at hiding if I don’t like something; but from trying delicious pierogi in Poland and making Langos for my Slovakian friend, I feel my experiences of trying foods has been, well, delicious! I have been researching to see what I can do to experience different cultures and hope to do something at least once a week. Follow me on Facebook to see what I am doing.

Have a nice day!


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