Day 85 Shop by Season

After researching the seasons for Day 80, I learnt about shopping by season, this means choosing fresh foods during the season in which they grow. Buying foods based on the season means that they are fresher, more nutritious and sourced more locally, as eating out of season means that they are shipped from places where they are in season. So better for you and better for the planet!

Below I have named a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables that are grown during different seasons. Note: These are just a few examples, there are much more on offer and some are available during multiple seasons.

Summer brings lettuce, carrots, courgettes, garlic, green beans, new potatoes, tomatoes, berries and currants, cucumber.

Autumn/fall brings pumpkins, Potatoes, Rocket, Sweetcorn, apples, pears, plums, mushrooms, some berries.

Winter brings brussel Sprouts, bay leaves, cabbage, leeks, swede, parsnip, apple, cauliflower, curly kale.

Spring brings carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, spring onion, spinach, rhubarb, savoy cabbage, asparagus.

You will also find that when you shop for foods in season, they are much cheaper than when they are not in season, as they are easier to source with them growing well at the current time. Win-win!

Have a nice day!



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