Day 84 Empower Woman

In a world where we are told to be perfect. To look perfect. To wear make up. But not too much make up. To dress well. But do not wear skirts too short or tops too revealing. You’re to fat, lose weight. You’re too thin, gain weight. Go to the gym. Don’t do weights. You must not gain big muscles. Be petite. You must look feminine. You should have hair this colour or that style. Act like a lady. Do not dream too big. Settle down and raise a family. Be the main caregiver. Work in the perfect job. But only “women” jobs. Pressure to look like what media expects of us. Got cellulite, hid it. Got scars, cover them. Always be happy, hide your sadness. Be perfect.

It can be difficult to figure out who you are in a world that pushes you in every direction. But we are who we are. Scrap the ideals of perfect. You are perfect. You can be a whatever you want to be!

Is to bring women together to find power and healing—breaking molds of competition and replacing them with sisterhood and connectedness. 

Global Sisterhood‘s Mission

It is time to put the judgement aside and empower each other. Stop putting each other down and help lift each other up. Encourage healing from judgement and fix another. Help each other to know our strengths, capabilities and dream BIG!

Please do not misunderstand me when I talk only of empowering women. The world is difficult for many people, different ages, gender, sexuality, race; it can be a cruel place, filled with judgement from all angles. But we must stop bringing people down and learn to empower them. You can do it!

Have a nice day!



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