Day 79 Racism

Police recorded crime figures show in 2019/20 that there were 105,090 offences recorded by the police where one or more of the central monitored hate crime strands were deemed to be a motivating factor.

UK Parliament

I spoke previously about racism in football, but unfortunately racism is an everyday problem. The idea that a person is discriminated against because of the skin colour they were born or their race, is absurd! Racism is everywhere, it is in the people that we meet, or the ones we pass on the street, the movies that we watch or the music we listen to. But we are not born racist, children will play with other children, but as we grow up we are influenced by experiences, people and society. This influence can cause children to say unacceptable things.

Racism usually comes from people believing they are superior to a person with a different skin colour or a different race, although it can come from ignorance, simply unaware that they are being racist. Much of this is a product of history, when white people believed they were better than other people and Africans were captured for slavery.

Many times I have heard racist talk from people and I just can’t help myself but speak up. I have been in many heated discussions with people about why they should not speak bad of a person based on skin colour, why they should not use derogatory language or words towards someone because of their race. When I was younger, in my first job – I had been there for a while – we had many older customers, who would often use racist language. I would tell them off and often I would be faced with responses like “but this is the generation we are from” or “when we were younger it was ok to say”. But these are not valid reasons or even good excuses. There is NO reason to discriminate against people because of the colour of their skin or their race. It literally angers me when I hear such vile language come out of someone’s mouth.

Coach Carter is one of my favourite movies, I feel it has so many lessons to offer, including the following clip which is about the use of one particular racial word.

Stand up against racism. I refuse to listen to people if they are using racist language, if it be a friend I will tell them it is not ok, if it is music I turn it off, if it is an acquaintance I remove myself. It is not ok and it must stop. We only have racism because people allow it to be ok, so people must stand up and say it is not!

Have a nice day!



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