Day 78 Recycling

A report released by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) earlier this year, revealed that British households create over 26m tonnes of waste each year, the weight of around 260 large cruise ships.

As humans we produce a lot of waste, with most ending up in landfill or even the ocean. The waste is toxic and causing much strain on the planet. For example, when food or garden waste sits in landfill it releases methane which is harmful to the environment and contributes climate change.

Recycle Now

We reduce the strain on the planet when we recycle our waste:

  • Plastic becomes a variety of different products or simply more plastic items.
  • Food becomes compost, fuels or bio-fertilizer.
  • Paper becomes other paper products.
  • Glass becomes other glass products.
  • Garden waste becomes compost.
  • Cans become cans or depending on the material, they can become part of many products including paperclips, train tracks and cars.
  • Cartons become other paper products
  • Electrical items can become a wide variety of products based on what they are made of.

I am always encouraging recycling in my home, with designated recycling bins for plastic, paper, glass, tin and food waste. However, there are many items that can not be recycled using a home recycling schemes. Batteries are not generally recycled at home, but fear not because there are many places (check here) that offer battery recycling so store them in a tub and drop them off when you are passing. Textiles such as clothing and blankets, if in good condition start with reuse, sell, give to charity who will then sell them, or you can donate certain items to animal shelters. They can also be recycled through ‘bring it back’ schemes at local shops, check your local drop off. Single use plastics are a major problem and are very rarely recycled through home recycling, luckily large supermarkets often offer a carrier bag collection where many plastic films an be recycled, for more information check here.

For those hard to recycle items, you can also use Terracycle who offer many recycling programs to help people recycle their waste. I found out about Terracycle when I was researching for Day 61 Donate to a Shelter, where I choose to donate to Cat Protection. Cat Protection advertise Terracycle and out of curiosity I contacted them for further details about this and I received this flyer below in return. It is actually a great way to recycle, basically when you recycle with Terracycle you receive rewards. When Terracycle accepted waste is recycled at Cat Protection they receive cash rewards. So you recycle and support the shelter too.

Ideally we should reduce our waste but when we can not reduce or reuse, it is important that we recycle our waste to stop it filling landfill and oceans.

Have a nice day!



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