Day 76 Gardening

Taking up gardening can have many perks. It gives us a reason to be active, helping us burn calories and to stay healthy. Gardening can be very therapeutic, known for improving our mood and reducing stress. On bad days, it can even be a free anger therapy session. Sowing seeds and looking after them, so that they grow beautifully, can give us a sense of responsibility and pride. And the more we grow the better, plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen helping clean the air that we breath.

Growing fruits and vegetables at home is fairly easy and much better for the planet than buying them at the supermarket, where they have been transported from who knows where. Home grown is known to be healthier too, as you control what has been used to grow them. As they come straight from the garden, they are fresher and more nutrient filled.

I love spending time planting new flowers or sowing seeds and watching them grow. 2 days ago it was a super sunny day, I had herb seeds that have been hiding in the draw waiting to be sown for quite some time. On a recent shopping trip I have also picked up some flower seeds and bulbs. So I decided it was time for a little gardening, before it was too late. I got hold of some pre-loved plant pots on freecycle as well as 2 oak seedlings, exciting! A friend who has a gardening business gave me a huge pile of soil for planting, that wasn’t being used. I hadn’t realised how many seeds I had until I started to sow them, there is a lot. I planted just flowers on this occasion but will be planting herbs today. Get your garden on!

Have a nice day!



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