Day 75 Be Honest

Be honest, by this I don’t mean honesty in a way that will make people feel bad. But to be honest when it is easier to lie. Be honest about yourself, when you make a mistake or when asked for an opinion. With honesty comes trust, people are more likely to trust you and your opinion, if they believe you are being honest.

Throughout life people will ask for your opinion, whether it be your partner who has just made a “delicious” meal, that was not that delicious but you told them it was to make them feel good. Or it could be your friend who continuously makes bad decisions, which you continue to support because you are not wiling to be honest with them. But not being honest doesn’t do any favours for anyone, because your partner will continue making the same meal thinking you love it, or your friend will continue making the same bad decisions.

If we are not honest then we are lying. People pleasing is a lie. Lies become messy, you have to continue the charade, you forget what you have said, it is all exhausting and at the end of it, the other person probably knows your lying and then they will not trust you. So what does it gain really? You are just lying to yourself because the other person can see through it.

Sometimes the truth hurts, but rather a hard truth than a sweet lie. But it is important to remember that there is a way to be honest. Don’t say to your partner “No this is disgusting” but maybe politely let them know that it is not your favourite and give a reason for this. If someone asks for an opinion, they expect an honest one and if they don’t like the honest one, well they will not ask again.

I have always been a people pleaser, doing things because others want me to, giving opinions based on the other person. But for a while I have been encouraging myself to be braver and to be more honest but I find it difficult not to be blunt – which I am working on – when I am completely honest. Often being faced with scrunched up faces. Although I get people say that they trust my opinion because they know I will be honest, no matter how blunt the delivery. I would rather give blunt honesty than to lie to someone.

It is important to be honest, especially to yourself. It encourages us to be ourselves and stand by what we believe in. So be honest. Be straightforward. Say what you mean. Accept your flaws, your mistakes, with no excuses, it is ok to make mistakes, take ownership of this. Don’t exaggerate. Accept feedback as it helps us be honest in the best way. Whatever you do, be honest.

Have a nice day!



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