Day 72 Write Thank You Letters

It use to be custom to write someone a thank you card when they took time to do something for you, gave you a gift or helped you in some way. Unfortunately, thank you cards have become very underrated and it would seem that the tradition of writing them has faded over the years. But it is time we save it. Thank you cards allow us to express our gratitude and appreciation to someone. Writing thank you cards show that you have gone out of your way to write them a special message and can leave a last impression. People love to feel appreciated and they will remember your appreciation if you go that extra step to tell them.

Thank you cards are definitely the best way to thank someone as they show the most effort. But whether you send a letter or card, a text or email, or even an e-card, it is nice to let people know that you appreciate what they have done. Of course, we all say thank you when we first receive the gift or help from someone, but writing it down after the event makes a person feel extra special because you have made effort to thank them further.

There are a few things to ensure you do when writing a thank you message. Say “Thank you” and make reference to the reason why you are thanking them. Describe your feelings about what they did, if it made you happy say why or if it was a gift, then mention how you will use it or enjoy it. Be personal, this makes the thank you card most sincere. Before finishing you message, remember to thank them again. Check out Shutterfly, for inspiration on writing thank you cards.

During Christmas time, I sent one of our older locals a Christmas present and he returned a thank you card – I had never received one before – it made me feel really happy, like he really appreciated that present. Somehow thank you cards just feel more than just saying thank you. This is a tradition I’d like to continue, because everyone should feel that level of appreciation.

Have a nice day!



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