Day 71 Take Care Of Your Teeth

It is really important to look after your teeth; brushing them twice a day (including your tongue), flossing and mouthwash are standard for keeping your teeth healthy. Regular trips to the dentist help us keep track of the condition of our teeth, receiving advice and treatment to avoid any problems. Taking care of our teeth can decrease the risk of having bad breath, or getting gum disease, sensitive teeth, cavities or tooth decay. Other things we can do to ensure healthy teeth is to eat a well-balanced diet with low sugar, drink water instead of sugary drinks, avoid smoking, limit alcohol and replace your tooth brush every 3 months.

Many people have a fear of going to the dentist, I have known people to put off going for regular check ups and even when they feel something is wrong. From children, most people grow up with this fear, probably due to the bright light in your face with someone leaning over you with tools and noisy equipment. Even movies for kids tend to show dentist in a negative light. My housemate told me he worries about going to the dentist because of the financial side of it. From experience he felt that if something needs fixing with your teeth, it is likely that it will cost a lot of money.

I have been fairly lucky with my teeth throughout my life, with regular check ups at the dentist when I was younger. I always remember being terrified to go, but would walk out happy after being told my teeth were fine and receiving a lollipop. My wisdom teeth have been my main problem, but I got them removed. I went to the hospital was given general anaesthetic and woke up an hour later with all 4 wisdom teeth gone. It was a weird feeling but I got to eat a lot of ice cream for the following couple of days. My point is, going to the dentist is not as scary as people think it is, and it is better to face the fear and avoid problems than risk your teeth going bad!

Today is actually inspired by my appointment for the dentist, wish me luck!

Have a nice day!



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