Day 70 Slow Down

Coming from a city life and working in hospitality, I know the pressures of living fast paced. It has basically been embedded in me from a young age. This is the same for many people, whether we are born in to a fast paced lifestyle or we work ourselves into one. We get so use to watching the clock and pushing to get things done quicker, that we forget to simply live. But living like this can take its toll. It can leave us feeling unsatisfied, unaccomplished, anxious and stressed.

It is time to start slowing down and enjoying our lives. When we take time to slow down and do the things we enjoy, we become less stress which helps us to think and concentrate better, meaning we get things done more efficiently, giving us more time to do the things we enjoy. It is like a great cycle. Even if the things we enjoy is simply just sitting down and having a cup of tea without worrying about what’s next on the to do list.

I find that when I don’t take time to slow down and relax, I become more stressed and overwhelmed with feeling like I have too much to do, and not enough time to relax. But in actual fact I end up spending more time pushing to do things, than actually doing it, which means less time just enjoying being alive. Today is about taking time to relax and slow down. To do something that I enjoy and find peace in. For me that is painting, maybe gaming and spending time with Kovu. What will you do to slow down?

Have a nice day!



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