Day 64 Email Your MP

We all have a political view. Whether you follow politics regularly and completely understand it or you see it every now and then but have no idea what it is (don’t worry that is me too). You may worry about emergency services, education, victims of war, benefits, etc. Well, it is time your views are heard and they can be heard and represented in Parliament by your local Member of Parliament (MP).

What an MP can do and will do, will depend on a few things, their role, what they believe in, and whether it affects the people of their constituents. However, it is not necessary that they agree with you, for them to bring the question forward, but it does help. If you can show that it affects the people of your area or that a great deal care about it, you are most likely to get action.

If you don’t know who your MP is, you can find out on UK Parliament. The Parliament website has all the information you need about your MP to help you, including the party your MP belongs to, how to contact them, their career and voting record. When you are writing to your MP be sure to use your own words, be polite and to the point and only write to your own MP because messages to other MP’s will be ignored.

If you have a view or belief that you wish to be bought forward, let your voice be heard and write to your MP. Politics is definitely not my strong point, I barely follow them and to be completely honest I don’t really understand them. But I want to help create a better world and so I have signed up for an online course to get a basic understanding of politics, in hope that I will be able to use this to guide me in the future.

Have a nice day!



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