Day 62 Cheer Someone Up

Sometimes it feels like we have the weight of the world on our shoulders. It can feel like we are stuck and have no way out. Or it may be a friend or family member is feeling a little low at the moment. They confide in us but there is no advice that we can give or anything we can do to fix it for them. Gosh, don’t we wish we could fix it for them.

But just because we can not fix their problems, does not mean we are completely useless. Being the person they confide in, I’m pretty confident to say we must know them well. We know the things that make them happy, the things they like to snack on or the things they do to get through these feelings. We may not be able to fix it but we can definitely try to cheer them up.

Recently, my mum has been feeling a little down and I wanted to do something to cheer her up. Unfortunately, I live a 5 hours drive away and with Covid-19 restrictions in place, I can’t go and visit. The second best thing to a surprise visit I thought, a care package. Now, my mum and I are very similar and when we are feeling low we like to binge watch animated movies, my crazy love for Disney definitely came from my mum. So, I got a small box and put 3 DVD’s, some popcorn and sweets in it. I also made a little card with photos of us, a message from myself and also an inspiring quote from Robin Williams, we both have a love for him too. Then I sent it to her. It may not have fixed her problems but it definitely did the job I intended, it made her feel better. Which made me feel better.

I was unsure about sharing this story because I just wanted to cheer my mum up, however I think it is important that we all try and do this for the people that we care about. It doesn’t have to be a care package, it could be to do something that will relieve some of their stress or something to look forward to. Just something to inspire some happiness inside of them.

Have a nice day!



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