Day 61 Donate To A Shelter

I mentioned previously that Kovu, my cat, gets a lot of presents for his birthday and Christmas, but usually he plays with the packaging more than the actual present. He has more and more toys sat waiting for him to play with them, yet he steals the empty box from my eye drops, my favourite pen, and pretty much everything else that aren’t his toys. This got me thinking to have a little clear out of his stuff and donate some to a local cat shelter.

After the clear out, we have a bunch of stuff to donate. There are toys including rattle balls and toy mice, packets of treats, because hes simply got too many to eat, especially when I buy another packet every time I got shopping. There is even a bed, as he has a second bed which he doesn’t use, so we are donating that too.

There is a local Cat Protection Shelter that we hope to donate our items to. I have emailed them to check that they accept second hand donations, so we are awaiting their response. While looking through their website, I signed up to be a member which requires a monthly donation. The membership helps Cat Protection provide food, shelter and health care including veterinary treatment, to unwanted cats. They are also involved with Terracycle Recycling, which I understand to be a recycling project that recycles hard-to-recycle items. I hope to get more information about this.

I am actually going shopping today, so no doubt I will buy some stuff to add to the donation pile.

Have a nice day!



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