Day 60 Be Polite

It goes without saying that we should be polite to others, but it does often feel that some people didn’t get the memo. The world today pulls us to be less polite and there are fewer polite people around. Rudeness comes from having little or no respect for others, and can actually have negative implications, you may upset someone, make them feel like you do not care, or you do not appreciate what they have done.

Being polite is being respectful of others, having manners, being grateful and thankful. Therefore a polite person will be thankful to other people when they have done something that impacts them, such as cooking their dinner or holding a door open, they will give up their seat on the bus for the elderly that just got on, or help a lady get her pram down some stairs. Politeness can be as simple as listening to people when they talk, being on time for an appointment, avoiding using your phone in other peoples company or excusing yourself when you must. Politeness is easy to do and with a little effort it can make others feel appreciated and ourselves feel good.

To some people, politeness may come natural but not so much for others. The world around us can effect this, living in a rude world can influence us to become hard and essentially rude too. I believe I am guilty of this, I would not say that I am rude, but I would not say I am polite either. Inside I want to be better and politer, but often I feel I subconsciously fall into the “well they act this way, so I will”, it is an awful way of living, you become a puppet. But I found some great examples on The Daily Meal to undertake to start becoming a politer person and to avoid getting sucked into the rudeness of this world. Join me and pull yourself out of the rudeness.

Have a nice day!



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