Day 59 Tackle Racism

The abuse of so many of our black footballers on social channels is probably and possibly the biggest problem we have in the game at the moment.

Vinai Venkatesham – Arsenal Chief Executive

Football is played all around the world and has been for hundreds of years, some evidence even suggests thousands of years. On the streets, it brings people together, gives young people something to play and helps keep people fit. Professional football allows passion and support. But it is all dampened by racism.

In recent news, there has been a great deal said about racism in football, with angry fans posting discriminatory comments on social media. Fans make unrelated remarks about the colour of a players skin, as if that defines how they should or shouldn’t play. It doesn’t. Although, fans are not the only ones who have been known to make racial comments during football… The players too. This is occurrence has happened for many years with charities set up in hope to end racism in football, such as Show Racism The Red Card and Kick It Out.

Racism has no place in football or anywhere for that matter. More and more footballers and clubs are standing up against racism, with teams like England deciding that they will walk off the pitch and end the game if racial abuse is hurled at any of their team. Footballers were previously seen kneeling before the start of football games – this followed the death of George Floyd – as an act of silent protest against racial violence. But after many months of this, the racial abuse continues and now numerous footballers are taking a stand with feelings that kneeling just isn’t having the effect they hoped for. With Wilfried Zaha – A Crystal Palace player – has came forward saying “I feel like taking the knee is degrading” and that it is not enough anymore. Brentford Football Club stopped kneeling as have many others.

It is time for everyone to stand up against racism. Every year, Show Racism the Red Card organise a ‘Wear Red Day‘ allowing people to support and fund raise education on racism. This occurs in October during their month of action, the specific date is yet to be posted. You can keep updated by checking their website nearer the time or follow my Facebook page.

Scrolling through social media, report it. Talking to someone, speak up. If it is not an environment that you feel safe to speak up, remove yourself. Don’t tolerate racism!

Have a nice day!



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