Day 58 Pick Up Rubbish

Have you ever just been walking down the street, or siting in a drive thru and seen someone just toss their rubbish on the floor. One of my pet hates, is people who have no regard and just dump their rubbish anywhere rather than just waiting until they find a bin. I remember when I was a child, I was sat in the local McDonald’s drive thru in my mum’s car. A lady in a parked car opened her door, pushed all of her rubbish off her knee and into the road. My mum was so angry and made a few passive aggressive comments fairly loudly, I assume in hope that the lady might hear her. In this story, it makes no sense to me why this lady felt the need to throw her rubbish on the road. There are many rubbish bins around the car park and if you don’t want to get out, put the rubbish in the bag they provided your food in and put it in the bin when you arrive at your destination. Many people I speak to have this same pet hate, so why is it still happening?

I was walking through a service station car park not long ago with my housemate, he picked up a take away cup which was on the floor – just 2-3 steps away from a bin – and put it in the bin. This is just pure laziness! People that are sitting in their car would rather litter the planet, than get out or keep hold of it until the get home. Incredible!

Car parks, town/city centres, walk ways, parks, take away restaurants, service stations, supermarkets, everywhere has public bins. Many of these public bins are now recycling bins too, with a section for general waste and recycling waste, some even have different sections for different recycling.

In 2017 to 2018 it cost local authorities £663 million or £28 per household to keep our streets clean. This figure does not include spending by other authorities whose role involves clearing litter, such as Highways England.

Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (Article understanding litter in England)

Picking up someone else’s rubbish is not ideal but unfortunately it has to be done. Even if it is just one piece on the walk to work, or passing through a car park. Pick it up and bin it. I hope that picking up other people’s rubbish will help clean up the streets even just a little. Every piece I do, is a step closer, and every piece you do too is an even bigger step. But please, keep yourself safe, carry a tissue, glove and/or bacterial gel with you to pick up the rubbish without collecting bacteria too!

Together, we can clean up.

Have a nice day!



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