Day 57 Give A Little

Today is inspired by one of my oldest and best friends. When I signed up to Trek26 to raise money for Alzheimers Society, I asked if he would sponsor me and he donated a very generous £20. I am extremely grateful for this, especially during these uncertain times, being self employed during Covid, it is not easy. When speaking with him about it he told me that every month he donates £20 to a charity, no matter what. I had the most admiration for my best friend, every month he donated this money to help someone else and he did not brag about his good deed, he just did it.

I share this story in hope that other people will also be inspired by my friend and give a little every month to someone that needs it more. Whether you donate to a specific cause or to several different ones, even if you buy a coffee for the homeless person on your way to work. Just do something every month.

I will follow my friend’s footsteps, will you?

Be inspired!



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