Day 54 Plant

Plants and flowers are a natural beauty of this world and it is important to surround ourselves with them. Keeping plants in our homes and surrounding ourselves with such beauty has many benefits to us. They clean the air we breath by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Not only that but caring for houseplants have many positive effects on our mental health, such as reducing stress and uplifting our mood.

Growing your own plants is very therapeutic. Sowing a seed, watching it bud and then grow into something great can give a sense of achievement and proudness. We can grow many things, from the greenest plants or the most beautiful flowers, to fresh fruit and vegetables. Home grown food is more nutritious than store bought due to being eaten when it is most fresh and it is much better for the planet too.

It is the perfect time of year to start sowing seeds for many different types of foods. Today I have sown seeds for parsley, basil, chives and chillis that I received in grow your own kits for Christmas. I look forward to watching them grow!

Have a nice day!



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