Day 53 Share Positivity

Some people seem to be naturally positive and others not so much. Positivity is defined by the experience of good emotions, they are the happier side of emotions such as hope, joy, love, inspiration. Positive people will tend to be very optimistic about an outcome or future.

How we deal with problems and situations can be affected by our positivity levels. Have you ever found that on days when you just are not feeling that great everything feels like it’s going wrong, but on days when your spirits are high nothing can stop you. Facing situations with positivity can help you handle it better and make it feel less of a drag.

Just like a smile, positivity is contagious, if you are positive about an outcome of a situation others will often follow suit. Just like if you are negative about something others will also feel negative about it. If you share your positivity with someone else it can lift their mood and inspire them to be more positive too.

Sharing positivity simply mean to portray happiness onto others. A happy “good morning” or “have a nice day” to your family is a great way to start the day. Smile at a stranger and say hello. Give meaningful compliments. Show an act of kindness and gratitude. Face problems with optimism.

Do something everyday to keep yourself feeling positive and your spirits high. Be positive and enlighten everyone with positivity.

Have a nice day!



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