Day 51 Love Your Pet Day

Pets, we all love our pets. They have their own little personalities and they are so special to us. One day you pick out an animal that you like whether a dog, a cat, hamster, and you buy one or even better adopt one. You give it a home, food and water and it gives you unconditional love in return.

As a child, I loved having pets, we had a cat, then fish, then rabbits. As I got older I had a dog, a Border Collie called Fudge, so fun and energetic, but also careful and loving. He had the most beautiful markings, his face was half white and half black. From a pup he would creep into the bed and lie on my head. I was sure I was a dog person. But then less than 2 years ago, Kovu, my cat, came into my world. It was then that I realised I wasn’t a dog person, or a fish person, or a cat person, I was an animal person! Kovu is my best friend, we play together, chill together and he even has a bundle of blankets at the end of my bed where he sleeps. He comforts me when I’m sad. He wakes me up every morning for cuddles by tapping my face with his paw or licking my nose. When I’m studying he comes and lies by my feet. He is family and he gets Christmas, Birthday and even Valentines Day presents just like everyone else. I honestly don’t know what life would be like if he wasn’t in it.

Love your pet day is celebrated every year on the 20th February and is the perfect excuse to spoil our pets, not that an excuse is needed! Today is a great day to buy them the new bed or give them extra treats or a longer walk, or simply spend more time with them. If you haven’t already, post a photo on your social media of your pet or share it with us. If you don’t have a pet, today is a great day to adopt a new friend and give love to a little soul.

Show extra love to your furry (or not so furry) friend today!

Have a nice day!



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