Day 50 Poachers

Poaching is the illegal hunting and killing of wild animals. Poachers threaten innocent wild animals, killing them for fun, for sport and to collect rare parts. Certain wild animal products are believed to have medicine qualities, but there is no evidence of this! Illegal hunting of animals has caused more species to become endangered leading to extinction and they are only threatened by one predator, humans!

Around 20,000 African elephants are being killed every year for their ivory – that’s around 55 every day.


Not only are poachers harmful to wildlife, they often kill humans who are simply protecting these animals. The Thin Green Line Foundation estimates that over the last 10 years more than 1000 rangers have been killed, mostly collateral damage from poachers.

Recently, I got a WWF elephant adoption gift which is an amazing gift to me. I received a welcome pack which contained a cute elephant toy and an information pack. They also send out regular updates in the post. WWF have many animals to adopt that require urgent help, they can be adopted for yourself or as a gift, which is great for animal lovers like myself. The adoption can help protect their habitat and reduce poaching which can stop them becoming extinct. Supporting a better future for these animals for as little as £3 a month.

Research and help educate people that poaching is not ok.

Have a nice day!



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