Day 49 What Are You Wearing?

Have you ever wondered where your clothes were made? Maybe you think they were made with love, care and compassion and maybe they were. But do you ever consider that it might not be the case? Buying the £5 cardigan or the £200 pair of trousers. Possibly designed by the most fashionable designer out there.. but who made them? Were they paid well for their work? Did it use really animal products?

Child labour is still a problem today. In 2007, International Labour Office stated that “152 million were in child labour. Of which, 73 million were in hazardous work.”. Employers pick children for jobs because they are low-skilled, more obedient and handle things more delicately. Children will often accept these jobs due to living in poverty and believing false promises of good wages, food and opportunities. They get treated badly, paid minimally and risk injury or even death on the job, when they should be in school.

Many of these child labourers work within the fashion supply chain, making the textiles and garments to satisfy the demand of consumers in Europe, the US, and beyond.

The Guardian

Companies are taking in big money for selling their products but paying little wages to the people making them. Workers work long days and receive a tiny percentage of the overall price clothing is sold for. This is not enough money to provide food, shelter, education, health care and clothing for their families.

Wages paid in average are 2-5 times less than the amount a worker and her family need to live with dignity.

Clean Clothes Campaign

Another thing to think about, would or do you wear animal skin clothing? Now without me getting stuck on animal rights, I became a vegetarian because I wanted to do better by animals, therefore I did a lot of research about how I can do that. I came across so much on PETA, that left me speechless and sickened. This included a video on how crocodile skin clothes are made and I have never felt so disappointed in the human race by how inhumanly they treat the crocodiles. I have never been one for real animal skin clothing but I had never expected it to be that way!

It is important that we consider the ethics of the clothing that we buy. Research brands before purchasing them, avoid clothes made of animal skins, buy ethically.

Have a nice day!



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