Day 47 Recycled Books

There are many ways to purchase books, via amazon, ebay, high street shops and more. However, the more planet friendly books to purchase are pre-loved books. Buying second-hand books has many benefits, it saves trees, it’s cheaper as they are offered at a reduced price or it can help a charity if you buy from their shop.

An estimated 640,000 tons of books are sent to the landfill annually. At an assumed average weight of 4 pounds each that equates to approximately 320 million books that are discarded each year and not being recycled.

National Wildlife Federation

I have always been very particular about the condition of books that I purchase. Growing up I would nit pick on the condition, prefering to purchase brand new books as they would to be in perfect condition. Rooting through the shelves to find the best one. I would read in a particular way so that the spine didn’t crack and dog-earing the corners was an absolute no-no!

Then one day I stumbled across the Oxfam bookshop on the high street and I came out with 5 books! Surprisingly all in pretty good condition. Since then I have ventured to the Oxfam bookshop to check out their collection and see if there is any new books. I like this idea because not only is it good for the planet by purchasing pre-loved books but also donating money to a good cause.

After finishing a book, rather than letting them sit on the shelf and collecting dust, donate them to the library or a charity shop, sell them online or to someone that you know. Pass on the knowledge, the imagination, the incredible books that a lot of work went in to making.

Have a nice day!



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