Day 46 Junk Mail

When you get up and check if the postman has delivered anything nice, you root through the stack of papers and find brochures, vouchers for the local pizza shop and a random flyer for a blinds company. Sometimes you might actually find letters addressed to you, but that is 2 of 5 and then one of them is just a magazine brochure for a company that you subscribed to a few months ago that you aren’t really that interested in.

Junk mail is an everyday nuisance, more paper posted through your door for what.. to go in the recycling. Sometimes you might have a scan over it but most of the time it doesn’t interest you so it goes, hopefully, in the recycling and not the bin. Junk mail uses a lot of paper for the sake of going straight into the recycling.

There are many things we can do to reduce such paper wastage. The easiest, put a sign on your door saying ‘No Junk Mail’, but be aware that this can be ignored. In the UK, you can contact the Royal Mail by completing this form, and opt out of receiving unaddressed mail. When signing up to new websites, companies or products, be sure to click that you DO NOT wish to receive information by post. If you want to see marketing posts always opt for the email alternative, which many websites offer. I use to get statements every month from my bank, I didn’t even read them just filed them away until they were irrelevant and then to the shredder they would go. Realistically, it was nothing that I couldn’t see on my online banking, so I switched to paperless!

Have a nice day!



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