Day 43 Freecycle

Freecycle is a nonprofit organisation founded in 2003, with the idea that giving our stuff away can reduce waste by stopping good stuff going to landfill, as well as helping people within our community. It started small in Arizona, then spread across the world encouraging over 9 million members.

As a result, we are currently keeping over one thousand tons a day out of landfills!


On Freecycle, people give away their stuff in hope that others may find more use for it. It is strictly free items only. Items are listed by people giving them away and then whoever would like it can message to arrange picking it up. Also if someone needs something specific they can ask for it on Freecycle, then another can message them if they have what they are asking for and are happy to give it away. There are a range of items offered including but absolutely not limited to, furniture, appliances, half boxes of tiles, pet care, magazines and stationary.

I have used Freecycle for years and it is a great tool that has came in very handy for me. When I moved into my old flat, I didn’t have a lot of furniture. I looked on Freecycle and I found a really nice couch, I hired a van for £50 to pick it up and got the couch for free. I have also picked up packing boxes with bubble wrap, and various other items.

As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

Have a nice day!



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