Day 37 Tools For Self Reliance

Tools For Self Reliance is a charity organisation founded in 1979, with the ambition to live in a world without poverty. They work with the people of Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia, providing help and support to tradespeople, encouraging them to build livelihoods and income for themselves. These trades include carpenters, mechanics, dressmaking, and many more.

To work towards achieving their goal, Tools For Self Reliance collect and refurbish tools in the UK which are then sent to organisations in the 6 different countries that require them. They also work with partners who provide training, which can be for both business and personal.

Graduates have seen a seven fold increase in income compared to before the training.

Tools For Self Reliance, Annual Report 2018

Got a pile of tools going unused due to too many or buying new ones? Tools For Self Reliance accept donations of tools for a range of different trades. Due to lockdown their workshop is currently not able to accept tool donations. But let us have a clear out and make a pile ready to take once lockdown is over. Check their website for details on what they are looking for and what they can not accept.

Have a nice day!



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