Day 26 Period.

62% of female respondents and 59% of male respondents report that menstruation is embarrassing to talk about.

Female Forward Together

People find it difficult to talk about periods, filling with embarrassment with the thought of it. But periods are a natural biological function that women experience. They occur approximately every 28 days and a woman will bleed from her vagina for about 5 days. They usually start at the age of 12. However, a woman’s period pattern tends to be unique to their body, they can occur more or less frequently, for more or less days, and can start earlier or later in life.

In Kenya alone, approximately 50 percent of school-age girls do not have access to sanitary products

Action Aid

Across the world there are females living in period poverty, they have limited or no access to hygienic sanitary products which then causes infections and are often subject to shame and stigma. Action Aid work to end period poverty, providing education and sanitary kits to support woman. Donate here to support their cause!

We’re working to make sure every woman and girl can manage her period with dignity.

Action Aid

From a young age, I have been very open about periods. My mum would always encourage me to talk about concerns or confusions that I had and my friends and I would talk about our experiences at school. I have been fortunate to not experience stigmas of periods. This morning I started a debate with the people that I live with, which included 2 men, regarding their opinions of talking about periods. The general impression I got was that they are fairly comfortable talking about periods and that they find that periods tend to always be hidden away when it shouldn’t be as it is a natural process. “It’s normal and it’s natural” one of them said. This is true and I am thankful to be surrounded by understanding people.

More people need to be like this. Periods are natural. Period!

Have a nice day!



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