Day 24 Greener Home

Linking back to Day 3 Slow Climate Change, it is important for us to look after the earth. One way that we can do that is to find a more greener way to live. Our homes. There are so many ways that we can make our homes greener and more earth friendly.

Save Energy
Avoid leaving electrical items on when they are not being used. Turn off any plugs. Turn lights off when you do not require them to be on. Consider installing solar panels. When using a kettle only fill it up as much as you will use. When using the dish washer, always make sure it is fully loaded before using it. Dry clothes on the line instead of using a dryer.

Less Artificial Lighting
Use daylight before artificial lighting. Avoid putting anything in front of the windows that may block out the sunlight. Use energy efficient light bulbs. Painting rooms lighter and brighter colours will also brighten up a room.

Insulate your floors, walls, roof, and even your hot water tank, this will help avoid heat lose during the colder months. Also use draught-excluders on doors and windows that have gaps.

Depend Less on Heating
Keep the thermostat low and put extra layers on before deciding to turn it up.

Grow your own vegetables. Get a water butt for your garden, and use recycled rain water to water your garden and indoor plants, rather than fresh water. Plant wild flowers in your garden for the bees, you can order 1 packet of seeds from Just Bee, for just the price of postage.

Avoid Plastic
When picking food products, go for none plastic wrapped products. Takeaway coffee lovers, purchase a reusable cup, and reusable bottles for water too. Pick a bamboo toothbrush next time. Try beeswax food wraps, they are reusable, biodegradable and much better to use than clingfilm. Recycle any plastic you do use.

I believe we should all do our part to save the world. There are so many ways to make our lives greener and many of them require almost no effort. As I mentioned on Day 3, I already do a few things and I implemented more then too. Today I have got myself a cute draught-excluder and a small watering can that I will keep outside to catch rain water. I also ordered some seeds from Just Bee, which I look forward to planting!

Have a nice day!



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