Day 23 Translation

When we speak to people on the street or even when visiting another country we often just assume that they will speak English, whether fluent or just basic. This is somewhat rude as there are over 7,000 languages in the world. Even though, English is the most popular language spoken, whether native spoken or not, this is closely followed by Mandarin Chinese, then Hindi and Spanish, respectively.

When visiting another country it is polite to learn a few useful phrases before you go. You will find that this could really help you and the locals will appreciate your attempts, even if your pronunciation is not perfect. If you don’t grasp other languages, you can type out a few sentences and translate them online. Be sure that the phrases are to the point and correct, no slang or misspelling, otherwise the translation may be incorrect. Some translation generators have a speaker button, which will say the phrase for you, so you know how to pronounce it.

I started to learn basic Spanish early last year, I learnt how to talk about family, ask for water or where to get the train. I find it fun learning a new language and I look forward to trying it out. If you have some spare time and want something new to do, learn a new language. With the technology today there are endless ways to learn, you can get a tutor, buy a book, try out an online class or even a Youtube channel. Why not try it!

Have a nice day!



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