Day 17 News on the Street

You walk through the city centre and you see people selling street papers. How many people have you seen walking past, looking away and ignoring them? Or maybe you are the person walking past.

But what you do not know is that street paper organisations are set up to help the homeless or people who are at a financial disadvantage. They help people work themselves out of their situation. The Big Issue is sold in the area in which I live in. The company sells the papers to the vendors at half prices, who then re-sell them and keep the profit’s for themselves. The Big Issue Foundation works with the vendors and provides support with rebuilding their life, including housing, health and training.

Each seller is a micro-entrepreneur who is working, not begging. Therefore it is vitally important that buyers take their copy of the magazine when they pay for it.

The Big Issue

Next time you see a street paper vendor, smile and if you can spare the change, buy a copy. Maybe even chat with the vendor, because at the end of the day we are all human and they may just need a little kindness to know that things will get better for them.

Have a nice day!



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