Day 13 Sign A Petition

Petitions are great place for opinions to be heard and to help something you believe in matter. It is a way to show your support to a cause or campaign and allows for collective voices to be heard in a way that will inspire change. The more people that sign a petition, indicates to the Government that action is required to fix or change this problem, and that it is indeed viewed as a problem by the people. It could lead to further clarification on a matter or a debate leading to rules being changed.

In the UK, if a petition gets 10,000 signatures, the Government will respond to the matter. If the petition is successful enough to get 100,000 signatures then the Government will consider it for debate, these are almost always debated. In some cases, petitions may be put forward for debate before it reaches 100,000 signatures. But if a matter has recently been debated then it may not be considered for another debate. Petitions must be posted on the Government petition page otherwise they are not obliged to respond. Online petition pages such as, allow people to be heard and they pass the petition on, giving decision makers the opportunity to respond. However you should definitely sign them because it is better to have your voice heard than to not stand up at all.

Today I decided to sign a petition based on my need to make the world a better place for animals. I checked out the Government petition page to see what open petitions there are about standing up for animals, there were many. I decided to sign 3 petitions as I am particularly interested in them, I also marked to say that I wish to hear when there is an update about the petition. Now its your turn, what cause are you most passionate about? Sign a petition, encourage change!

Have a nice day!



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