Day 10 Understand Religion

Religion is learnt through our family, our education, and our church. Often we grow up following a specific religion due to the encouragement of our parents. We then go to a school which has the same values, we attend the services and practice the behaviours of this same religion. There are many religions around the world followed by different cultures and people, these tend to have many similarities and differences.

For me, religion was not a massive part of growing up. I went to a Church of England school and attended services with my classmates during special dates including Christmas and Easter time. My mum wanted me to make my own choice on what I would believe when I had gained the knowledge and the understanding first. Throughout my education I briefly studied many religions. During the course of my studies we were regularly encouraged to participate in debates among the class, to help our understanding of other peoples opinions and beliefs.

However, outside of the controlled classroom environment where friendly debates are encouraged, there is less of an understanding for other religions aside from our own. The misunderstanding of religions or the differences between them has caused many problems in the world.

Learning about other religions and their beliefs would help us encourage a more compassionate world. Through research we learn to appreciate their similarities and respect their differences and for greater understanding we can attend services and observe their practices. However, if you do wish to attend services, be sure to contact in advance to check that visitors are welcome and what the protocol is, for example if particular clothing or behaviour is expected. You may be religious or you may not. I don’t identify as a religious person.This year I have started to research Buddhism, it is a religion or way of life that I am particularly intrigued by and look forward to learning more about.

Have a nice day!



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