Day 5 Drink Local

We are all partial to a glass of wine at dinner or the occasional pint in the local with friends. But often the coffee we drink before the morning meeting or the beer we guzzle at the end of a stressful day has traveled across the country or even from another country before it gets to us. Before you buy that pint, consider is there an opportunity to drink locally.

There are many benefits to drinking locally. Firstly it connects you to where you live or where you are visiting, giving you the full feel of the city, town or village. You are supporting local businesses within the your community and putting into the local economy. As well as helping your carbon dioxide emissions (linking back to day 3) as the product has not traveled as far to get to you. The distance products have traveled before they get to you can be shortened more… Brew Your Own. There are many tasty recipes out there to try.

I prefer my tea and coffee over beers and wines, but I love the idea of drinking locally, and supporting local businesses. In my local area there are a few local businesses including Hogback brewery, Silentpool gin distillery and Albury vineyard, which are very popular with the locals and people who visit the area. There are a lot of breweries, distilleries and vineyards around the world, do you know your local?

Today I discovered that the UK has a tea plantation for Tregothnan Tea, which I will definitely be trying when I can get my hands on some!

Have a nice day!



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