Day 2 Time To Make Amends

Let’s be honest with each other. There have been situations in our lives where we have hurt someone or we have been hurt because of another. We are human after all, we do make mistakes and that is okay. But then we let it get the better of us, causing arguments, which have ended in simply cutting cords and not speaking again. Neither one wants to make the first step to fix it and then days become weeks, then months become years. Occasionally it crosses your mind and you realise now that it was silly or at least not worth losing that friend. But you don’t know what to do or maybe it happened so long ago that you feel that it can not be fixed.

Well it is time to stop thinking about it and get it off your chest, go and make amends! Because it doesn’t matter who was right or who was wrong. It doesn’t even matter if they respond because at least you know that you took the step to heal and you can feel better about the situation.

Today I got in touch with a friend who I spent a lot of my late teens/early twenties with. We would have the best times, shopping, girly nights out, lunch dates, everything with lots of laughing and taking so many photos. But we had arguments for reasons that had escalated so much it got out of control, with neither of us willing to let go, years past and our friendship was lost. But I sent her a message to apologise for the part I had played in the events that led to us no longer speaking and for allowing it to continue all these years. I was surprised to receive a response from her almost immediately. She had been thinking about it too and was feeling the same as I did about the whole situation. We spent some time reminiscing about the fun times we use to have and even agreed that we would meet up and go for dinner and cocktails! After all the years I thought about it and didn’t take action because really I was scared of the response and essentially too stubborn. But I am grateful for the opportunity to make amends with her.

Now it is your turn! You have nothing to lose, and possibly everything to gain. So go and send that email or make that call.

Have a nice day!



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