Day 1 Happy New Year!

There are many views and feelings about the year just past. When we ask people about 2020, you will definitely hear comments like “it was the worst year” or “we don’t talk about that”, it was tragic. But for me, 2020 gave me the time I needed for myself. At the start of the year I was exhausted in all ways possible. But then the pandemic happened. All non-essential shops closed as well as any pubs and restaurants that were not offering take-away. People were told to work from home if they were able to. For me working in hospitality meant that my workplace closed too, giving me the break I needed. I got to spend more time with my cat, Kovu, who I missed due to working a lot during the festive season. I spent most of my time trying new recipes as I love to cook. Even organising my world. The pandemic meant that I could enjoy a Christmas and a New Year at home and not at work. But most of all, I got to spend time with me, understanding me.

Now we move into 2021 and with a new year comes a new years resolution! Previous years I have made positive resolutions such as 2017 I became vegetarian and 2020 I wanted to change the world, but first I had to understand myself. Then came this years resolution. I decided I will follow similar ideas and I am working towards being a better version of myself. To be more positive and happy, to get slim (after gaining a little lockdown weight!) and feeling healthy, to encourage self care and to help change the world to be a better place.

I have been reading and researching in hope for guidance in my journey. I can thank Michael Norton, the author of 365 ways to change the world, for inspiring my resolution. This is an amazing book and I deeply encourage everyone to read it. I will mostly follow Michael Norton’s ways to change the world as I feel he covers a lot of what I hope to achieve, with a few of my own.

If even just one person reads this and joins my journey, I will have succeed. Because what two people can do is more than one. To that person, keep a journal, write it all down and in 365 days revisit all the amazing things you have done. Good luck and thank you.

Have a nice day!



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